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We offer a range of engagement tools, reports, dashboards, administration tools and integrations for you to utilise.

Sentiment Snapshot Report

Review key insights into positivity rate, sentiment and keywords expressed by participants of your group.

Custom Topic Tracking

Gather feedback and sentiment about particular topics or events and compare the results over time.

Analytics Web Portal

Access the Sentiment Monitor dashboard and reports via a secure online portal.

Sentiment Monitor

Check in with how people in your group are feeling over time, and easily observe patterns or trends.

Custom Alerts

Set custom alerts so that you can react quickly to when someone shares reaching a milestone or if overall wellbeing levels go down.

Analytics App

Check the Sentiment Monitor on the go with our analytics portal mobile app.

Awhi App Features

A daily reflection app to share you fistpump and facepalm moments.

Share in the moment

Either share in the evening as a reflection of the day, or share when you feel like it.

Identify Emotions

Be walked through a process of identifying how you feel and how strongly you feel that way.

Share Privately

Share personal reflections so that either only particular people see them, or no one sees them.

Support Friends

Show support for reflections made by friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my invite code?

Your unique invite code can be found within the Awhi app. Download the Awhi app for free from either the Google Play store or Apple store, and create your account. Your invite code can then be found under the Invite Friends section in the Menu.

How do I order an Impact Report?

Impact Reports are available for the Basic, Engage and Premium plans. Sign in to your Awhi Portal account here and head to the Impact Reports section of the menu.

How do I join Awhi as a participant?

For one-off events, simply add the invite code given to you by your programme/course facilitator or community leader to the body of your reflection posts. To join an Awhi group, head to the Groups section under the menu in the Awhi app/widget and enter the invite code and group name.

How do I embed the Awhi widget on my website?

Please contact us for the embeddable widget code.

How does Awhi Analytics treat Data Sovereignty?

At Awhi Analytics, we place high value on data sovereignty and people being in control of their data and who uses it. Organisations are only able to access data from people who have given their informed consent, and people are able to withdraw their consent and data from analytics groups at any time. You can learn more about our data policies through our Privacy Policy or Your Privacy Choices.

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