About Us

Awhi Analytics is a social enterprise located in Tairāwhiti, on the east coast of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Mission

To improve long-term experienced wellbeing measurement through creating a reciprocal approach to information exchange, one which enhances social connectedness, emotional intelligence and mental health.

Our Values

We care deeply about the people we serve, and we strive to use data in an ethical and responsible way to support their wellbeing and achieve our mission.


We treat people and information with care and respect, and act with integrity.


We work towards creating a value exchange that is fair for all parties.


We are open and forthright with what we do with the data we collect and why.

Our Team

With Awhi Analytics, you can trust that your data is being used to support the people you serve and to provide meaningful insights.

Debs Hancock

Founder, Entrepreneur, Intelligence Analyst

Seda Naden

Co-Founder, Community Engagement Specialist

Adel Salmanzadeh

Principal AdvisorDiversity & Community Engagement

Diana Paki

Principal AdvisorYouth and Mental Health & Wellbeing

Praveen Muthu Elango

Smith willson


We're always on the look out for people who share our vision who could join our team! Get in touch.

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Tāiki e! Impact House, 7 Peel Street, Gisborne 4010, Aotearoa New Zealand.

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